Services Provided

Whether you would like a room freshening up or your whole property redecorating; We can cater for all aspects of painting and decorating, both private and commercial, interior and exterior.

The Spring and Summer months are a good time to assess the condition of exterior woodwork such as windows, doors, fascias and soffits, to see if they need attention in preparation for the oncoming years. A little attention now could save on long-term costs.

By using trade paints the quality of finish is higher than ordinary paints due to the extra pigment and resin as well as oil and clay that is added to make a more dense and full paint finish; ingredients that are easily comprised in off-the-shelf paints.

With new 2010 EU environmental legislation regarding VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), the materials used to make up paint, all paints must comply with the new levels of VOCs allowed.

This has resulted in great advances in waterborne paints, for both internal and external use; F&B being the first company to now exclusively supply waterborne paints which are ideal for a great finish and low odour with virtually zero toxicity.

Exteriors can now be treated with microporous paints, Dulux Weather Shield allows the paint to move with the wood through the seasons, yet retains excellent water retention.

Sourcing fillers from America, primers made in Holland and paint conditioner made in Germany, to name but a few of the discoveries tried and tested over many years of painting and decorating; and having help and advice from several paint suppliers for any new or difficult tasks, results in a job well done.